In this tutorial , i will teach you the terms “carding” , “scamming” , “cvv2″ etc. I’ll also tell some tricks for sites such as , , actually just ebay

let’s start with explaining the term “CARDING”

Chapter 1 : Introduction and Tips.

Carding , or scamming as other people would say , is an art. It’s basically ordering items from the Net (cellphones , laptops, PDA’s , TV’s ,……) without actually
paying for it . or at least , not paying with your own money

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Now you’ll all be wondering how we do this stuff.
Well , most sites accept credit cards as a payment form . These credit cards can be obtained from mIRC or from public forums , which i won’t display here
due to security reasons.

For the dummies : a creditcard is a 16 digit number which can be used to pay , some sort of bank card.

There are different types of creditcards :

American Express (AMEX)

When you obtain a creditcard , you have to recognise the type .

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A card starting with a 4 is a Visa , with a 5 is a Mastercard , with a 3 (15 digits long) is an Amex , with a 6 is Dicover/JCB.

Some sites might ask for a CVV2 , this is the tree digit verification code on the back of the card.
Mostly this is also pasted on the forums

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Note : Amex has a 4 digit verification code , and for discover 000 can be used.

Now there are some tips and tricks when you want to order something .

  • Look for a site with a shitty layout , they’ll probably have a shitty security and are “cardable” (this means you cane asily get stuff from the site )
  • Try to use Discover or Amex , these cards are less involved with chargebacks etc and most merchants (payment processors) won’t verify these cards , instead of visa and mastercard , which have alot of chargebacks.
  • Don’t use a store in your own country , especially not big ones . is one of the best cardable sites if you have the right techniques..

When ordering , sites will ask for a billing adress and a shipping adress.
The billing adress is the adress listed on the creditcard , the shipping adress is your adress or a drop adress , a so called “delivery adress”.

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As you might have noticed , i oftenly mentioned ebay as a site to buy goods from.
But ebay doesn’t use an instant paying service , they offer online paying services such as Paypal and .
These sites gladly accept all types of creditcards , from all over the world .

Chapter 2 : Ebay ,


As you will probably know , is an online auction site where goods can be sold and bought by people over the world.
This site is one of the most visited shopping sites , because of its large variety of goods and prices , which can be lower then store prices.

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Now the question is : how to contact the seller and arrange the fraudulent deal.

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Well , to contact the seller you will need an ebay buyer account.This means you have to register yourself at , and do NOT use your real information , because
they will ask you to provide a creditcard and that one has to match with the adress on the card , so just use the cardholder’s info.
Also use a valid email address , a yahoo or hotmail one for example , because you have to confirm your registration , and also the seller(s) will reply to you on that email address.

If you see an item and you want to buy it , first ask the seller a question.
A question which will work well is the following one :

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Hi there,
i am from USA and i am interested in purchasing this item from you .
i would like to pay this item with my paypal
But the item is a gift for my cousin in Belgium
can you gift wrap the package and calculate shipping costs for 2-3 days delivery?
please reply me with a total price and your paypal address.

With this message i received a lot of items , including cellphones , a PDA , shoes , a laptop , software, etc.


Now i will (finally) explain the meaning of the word Paypal. us an online payment method , which is used by a lot of ebayers , and can be funded by bank transfers or credit cards ( whoo hoo)

All you need for this is a USA cvv2 (see chapter 1) and a valid email adress.

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Visit & click on Register/Sign up.
Fill in the form with the creditcard info (name , address, city, state, zip code , country , etc) and the email address you are using for Ebay.
On the bottom of the page they will ask you to pick 2 security questions and give an answer on those questions , in case you forget your password.
Pick any random question and fill it in with random info , paypal cannot verify it .
After you have signed up , go to your email inbox & click on the paypal email .
Inside you will find a link which you’ll have to click in order to confirm the registration. You’ll visit a page which will ask you to confirm your paypal password.
Fill it in, click on submit , and paypal will ask you to add a bank account. We aren’t interested in this , so click on Skip.
Then you’ll see your account overview. In the left menu , click on Add a Credit Card.
On that page it’ll ask you the cardholder’s name , the ccnumber , type of credit card (see chapter 1) , the expiry date and the Cvv2 (cfr. Chapter 1)
If all information is valid , click on Submit and hopefully you’ll get a message saying : you have successfully added a credit card . Blablablaa…….
If you are unlucky , you’ll get one of the following errors :

  • This credit card has already been assigned to another paypal account , please use a different card.(no explanation needed)
  • You have entered an invalid or partial credit card number (cc number is incorrect)
  • Your card has been declined because we could not verify the 3-4 digit code on the back of your card . (cvv2 is invalid)
  • This card has been declined by your bank issuer . (card is invalid)
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After you have successfully added a card , look in your email inbox for some replies from sellers which will contain a full price for the item.
Go to your paypal account, click on Send Money.Fill in the recipient (seller’s paypal email) , the amount , and pick Auction Goods (non Ebay)
on the next page create a item number (10 digits maxium) , and a buyer ID (johndoe4852 for example). As auction site , select Other.
Then click on Continue , it’ll bring you to a new screen to confirm the information you entered.
As funding source , you’ll see that the credit card is selected .
On bottom you ‘ll see that paypal automatically selects the credit card adress as shipping adress. Leave this indicated like this , it’ll give the transaction a very legit look.
Then click on Confirm and hope for the best . If your purchase was successful , you’ll get a message saying you’ve sent cash or you paid for an online auction.
Then return to your paypal account & Log Out . Go to your inbox , tell the seller the money has been sent and provide the shipping address in the email.
Also ask him to mail you back once the package is shipped .

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If everything is OK, you should have the package in 1 week (including the weekend and holidays) .

After a while , the seller might mail you to tell you the payment has been reversed and asking you to send it again.
Simply ignore these emails by marking them as spam.